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Januamar is an italian company been established in 1991 as “spin off” of Banchero-Costa & Co.

At the time, its purpose was to set up a chartering and operating Company focusing on small sizes in the dry sector, from the small coasters up to the smaller handies (25.000 tons dwt).

The target of the Company is to find a proper balance and sinergy between chartering activities on behalf of a selected number of Customers and operating initiatives by taking positions on COAs and cargoes booked ahead and entertaining few mini bulkers on period.

The Company is part of Banchero-Costa Group (domiciled in the same building in the city centre of Genoa) and this relationship is giving interesting opportunities to keep an open window towards the larger tonnage upto capesizes , to tackle a smooth approach to the sale and purchase world of opportunities-financing, to keep an eye on tanker market, to be informed about Marine , Cargo Insurance and P&I Clubs.