Dry Cargo

dry cargo

Chartering is a core activity of any commercial ship management process involving – among others – seeking and negotiating employment for the Vessel and the conclusion of charter parties or other contracts relating to the employment of the Vessel. Depending on owners’ request and strategywe provide for each ship voyage, single time charter(“time charter trip”) or where required time charter period employment.

Our chartering team consists of 4 brokers and we aim to secure the best employment available in order to optimize earnings and to ensure positioning of tonnage to best take advantage of the constantly changing market conditions. optimize earnings to ensure positioning of tonnage to best take advantage of the constantly changing market conditions. As a priority and for security, all prospective new business partners and charterers are screened in depth. all prospective new business partners and charterers are screened in depth.

Our major efforts are spent to build up and strengthen business relationships with those having interest in the shipping of bulk cargoes and willing to provide with a shipping service bringing to an economical benefit to the parties involved.


Post-fixing department is fully dedicated to the operational elements following “clean fixture” : the information and notices collected by the post-fixing department, starting from those related to ship’s arrival at loading port , loading and discharging operations to the arrival at destinationat the lastport of call.

post fixing

Communication relating payments are also monitored by post-fixing department, together with a dedicated calculation of the laytime of the voyage. Further to this, Januamar operators are drawingcharter parties and follow up the finalization of the contracts

Both chartering and post-fixing departments are sharing the same spaces and rooms inside our offices in order to share communication ; we consider the exchanges of information and the flexibility of the work between colleagues to be essential to a top performance and as founding value of our company.

Vessels Operating and Commercial Management

vessels management

Operational elements of a commercial management are part of Januamar’s daily life

The company has the knowledge to analyze and study the elements which bring to economical benefit or loss including those proving the best performance of the voyage. Our operators are the best to ensure an efficient and safe managementof the vessels , but also a wise voyage execution.

We are well aware that the commercial managementis of crucial importance , as it is the context were competition lives ; anticipating problems and solving matters is the strategy to avoid troubles.

We are also able to provide with studiesand estimations of voyage calculation , accounting and reports of the real resultsof the fixturesand laytime figures , information about best transitof the ship and hire values , freight and performance analyses , including cargo claims or connections with P&I Clubs and legal consultancy.

This is to describe how Januamar is living its working life though a web of well-established connections to ensure suitable vessels employments with professional and accurate action , in respect of the voyage instructions given to the master , ship-agents, cargo documents release, bunker supplies , claims and other operational elements once necessary.

We are able to provide with a completeand tailored service for each ship-owner.

Thanks to the company Group experience in terms of moving cargoes and ships financing, we are always in the position to submit new potential customers via different cooperation approaches: from full management, financing , technical support , investments to ships’ acquisitions and building projects , short or long term charter parties with highly valuable , ships selling , reports and administration.