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Vessels Operating and Commercial Management

Vessels Operating and Commercial Management

Vessel Operating

The Operational aspect of commercial ship management is a crucial part of the job done by Januamar.

Our experienced ship operators ensure the safe and efficient handling of all the ships and the smooth execution of all voyages. This is the area where money can be saved or lost and a voyage can be made more or less profitable.

We are in constant communication with ship’s masters as well as with charterers, brokers, port agents and bunker suppliers.

Our operators are fully aware of the vital importance from a commercial viewpoint of the effect their work will have in the context of the competitive environment within which shipping operates and as such there is constant liaison with the commercial department to ensure that any/all possible problematic situations which may arise are dealt promptly and efficiently.

We are able to implement comprehensive system of such tools as voyage estimating and accounting, actual voyage results calculations, full load calculation, advising shortest routes for the vessel, calculation of hire, freights, demurrage matters, accounts control, performance analyses in the form of time charter equivalent for any period required and claims handling as well in coordination with vessel P&I Club and legal advisors-

Based on our experience and through our well established contacts with most prominent charterers and brokers we would be in the position to secure suitable employment for your ships and then to follow up accurately and professionally in respect of voyage instructions to masters, coordination with agents, issuing of documents, purchase of bunkers, demurrage matters, claims handling and all operational needs.

We are offering a complete and comprehensive package to ship owners.

Notwithstanding the negative consequences of the global economic crisis of the past years shipping is still a trend which attracts private and institutional investors, especially when we are considering shipping investments in the dry bulk segment

Our group extensive experience in ship management, cargo transportation and ship financing, through our established and close contacts in the finance industry is the real solution to provide our potential partners and clients with various options of cooperation, including full management, ship finance arrangement and professional support in ship investment projects including acquisition of a vessel ( new or second hand ) our professional advice in respect of type of tonnage to be acquired, arrangement of ship financing and re-financing if required, full support during vessel’s acquisition process, management of the vessels, long-term time charters arrangements with reliable Charterers, re-sale of the vessels, reporting of ship performance analytics, administration of ship investment projects, insurance arrangements.