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We are shipbrokers specialized in shipping bulk cargoes by sea with no geographical limitation.


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We are facing questions about moving cargoes by sea every day and here are the most frequent.

What is chartering of a ship?

Chartering a ship is a way to employ a vessel under agreement between parties. The chartering of a vessel for moving people or cargoes involves sailing from a port of origin to a port of discharge or delivery.

Januamar is chartering to move cargoes.

There are two main ways to charter a ship for moving bulk cargoes at sea:
the “time” charter party and the “voyage” charter party.

Januamar is chartering vessel on behalf of its clients to move dry bulk cargoes and some other types of goods either in units, deck or under deck cargoes, including project cargoes. Examples of dry bulk cargoes are fertilizers, grains, coal, minerals and many others.

What type of vessel do I need to move dry bulk cargoes?

The dry bulk carrier is what you need to transport dry cargoes in bulk: it is a ship suitable to carry goods inside vessels dedicated compartments called “holds”.

The cost for the transport of a cargo by sea is different depending on type of charter party chosen: talking about “time” charter party , the cost is the daily expense paid for the vessel (“hire”).

Hire is subject to the market conditions, to the type of vessel and to the geographical area where the ship is trading.

On the other side, the cost for chartering a vessel on “voyage” basis is a rate of expense (US dollars) for each ton of cargo involved and it is called “freight”. Apart from the general market conditions, the freight is subject to the quantity which needs to be moved, to the loading and discharging ports and time the needed in the ports for cargo operations.

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